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female sewist, hand made wardrobe, upcycled, thrifted, fabric, holding a cake

I'm Jess, and I love sewing. 

I'm from Newcastle, Australia.

Sewing is a space in which I feel a sense of calm. 

Sewing is my creative space, my outlet.

Often, I find my head bursting and swirling with fabrics, patterns, clothes, thoughts.

This is my space for articulating, to create connection, provide encouragement.

A space for learning, for making mistakes, these are my thoughts, my processes and my challenges. 


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Make of the Month: May

puff paint, cats, hand made, drawing, cat, sprinkles, upcycled, sewing

This is my Pick for make of the Month : May.

I used a thrifted medium weight stable knit in cream to create a twin set masterpiece. The piece of thrifted fabric cost $5, and was big enough to make a pair of Tula Pants and an LB pullover. I then created a kitty drawing using water proof fine tip pen. i covered the whole thing in sprinkles... AKA puff paint, or 3D paint pens from Spotlight. 

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